Developing a Secure Hybrid Environment

A thoughtful approach to security can succeed in mitigating against many security risks. Here are some pointers about how to develop a secure hybrid environment.

Assess your current state

In a hybrid environment, security starts with assessing your current state. We recommend that you begin by answering a set of questions that can help you form your approach to your security strategy. Here are a few important questions to consider:

check.png Have you evaluated your own traditional security infrastructure recently?

check.png How do you control access rights to applications and networks — both those within your company and those outside your firewall? Who has the right to access IT resources? How do you ensure that only the right identities gain access to your applications and information?

check.png Can you identify web application vulnerabilities and risks and then correct any weaknesses?

check.png Do you have a way of tracking your security risk over time so you can easily share updated information with those who need it?

Are your server environments protected at all times from external ...

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