I Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College

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Recent graduates looking to enter the workforce face a discouraging job market and stiff competition for even the most entry-level positions.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction: My Story and Why you Should Read This Book
    1. Why you Need This Book
    2. Getting your Dream Job Is S.I.M.P.L.E.
    3. Skyrocket your Career (B.E.P.R.O.)
    4. Now Is the Best Time Ever to Get your Dream Job—Seriously
  7. Part I Getting Your Dream Job Is S.I. M .P.L. E.
    1. Chapter 1: Most Career Advice Is Wrong
      1. Who Have you Been Listening To?
      2. Austin Moyer Got His Dream Job with Polaris Industries
    2. Chapter 2: Start (Step #1)
      1. No Emotional Pain, No Gain
      2. Don’t Make Excuses
      3. Expect Doubters and Use Them to Fuel your Fire
      4. Job Search Q&A with the Author
      5. Start Now
      6. Joseph Speziale Got His Dream Job with Microsoft
    3. Chapter 3: Identify (Step #2)
      1. What Is a Dream Job?
      2. The Right Questions Will Produce the Right Answers
      3. Create Your Own Dream Job Description
      4. Identify Your Target Market
      5. Should I Have a Backup Plan?
      6. Elissa Martins Got Her Dream Job with the Eastern District of Virginia
    4. Chapter 4: Makeover (Step #3)
      1. $40 for a Bottle of Water?
      2. 10 Marketing Assets You Need to Get Your Dream Job
      3. Looks Matter, but They Are Not “Everything”
    5. Chapter 5: Plan (Step #4)
      1. Do you Drip Sweat When you Exercise?
      2. What Is Networking?
      3. How to Get Anyone to Like you and Respect you Right Away
      4. Leibman’s Lexicon for Job Search Networking
      5. Are you Taking your Existing Network for Granted?
      6. All Networking Events Are Not Created Equal
      7. Crash the Party Through LinkedIn
      8. Get Insider Information on Your Own
      9. If You Insist on Using Job Boards
      10. Job Search Q&A with the Author
      11. Jennifer Davis Got Her Dream Job with the U.S. State DePartment
    6. Chapter 6: Look (Step #5)
      1. A Salesperson: To Be or Not to Be?
      2. Do you Know How to Ask for Directions?
      3. Job Search Strategy #1: Warm Networking
      4. Job Search Strategy #2: Cool Networking
      5. Job Search Strategy #3: Cold Networking
      6. The Twenty-First Century Icebreaker
      7. I Scheduled an Advice Appointment! Now What???
      8. Job Search Strategy #4: Apply Aggressively for Advertised Jobs
      9. Job Search Q&A with the Author
      10. Oliver Uberti Got His Dream Job with National Geographic Magazine
    7. Chapter 7: Execute (Step #6)
      1. Six Deadly Interviewing Sins
      2. You’d Better Do your Homework
      3. Be Paranoid
      4. Five Secrets for Acing Any Interview Question
      5. Anticipate Likely Questions
      6. How Can I Sell Myself Without Bragging?
      7. The Interview Is Over!
      8. Job Search Q&A with the Author
      9. Erick van Zanten Got His Dream Job with General Electric
  8. Part II Skyrocket Your Career with Step #7 (B. E.P. R .O.)
    1. Chapter 8: Belief (Success Secret #1)
      1. Success Begins in your Head
      2. Don’t Be Afraid to Fall at First
      3. The 10 Commandments for Concrete Confidence
      4. Believe or Leave
      5. Julie Willoz Got Her Dream Job with Disney
    2. Chapter 9: Excellence (Success Secret #2)
      1. What Is Excellence?
      2. Warning: Little Things Matter
      3. Laura Saldivar Got Her Dream Job with Teach For America
    3. Chapter 10: Performance (Success Secret #3)
      1. Time Is NotMoney
      2. Bigger and Better
    4. Chapter 11: Relationships (Success Secret #4)
      1. The Second Most Important Relationship for your Career
      2. Dealing with Difficult People Is Easy
      3. Never Stop Networking
      4. Josiah Beam Got His Dream Job with Southwest Airlines
    5. Chapter 12: Out-of-Office Life (Success Secret #5)
      1. Take Charge of your Out-of-Office Life
    6. Chapter 13: Be an Entrepreneur
      1. The Advice in This Book Also Helped Me Get My Second Dream Job
      2. Do you Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
      3. Get Help
      4. Andrew Horn Got His Dream Job by Being an Entrepreneur
  9. Conclusion
  10. Appendix A: Leibman’s Lexicon—The New Glossary for Career Success
  11. Appendix B: Leibman’s Lists—The Top Resources for Ambitious young Professionals
  12. Index
  13. About the Author
  14. Footnote
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  • Title: I Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College
  • Author(s): Pete Leibman
  • Release date: March 2012
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814420201