I, Human

Video description

Will artificial intelligence improve the way we work and live, or will it alienate us? The choice is ours. What will we decide?

It's no secret that AI is changing the way we live, work, love, and entertain ourselves. Dating apps are using AI to pick our potential partners. Retailers are using AI to predict our behavior and desires. Rogue actors are using AI to persuade us with Twitter bots and fake news. Companies are using AI to hire us-or not.

This is just the beginning. As AI becomes smarter and more humanlike, our societies, our economies, and our humanity will undergo the most dramatic changes we've seen since the Agricultural Revolution. Some of these changes will enhance our species. Others may dehumanize us and make us more machinelike in our interactions with others. It's up to us to adapt and determine how we want to live and work.

Are you ready?

In I, Human psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic offers a guide for reclaiming ourselves in a world in which most of our decisions will be made for us. To do so, we'll need to double down on what makes us so special-our curiosity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence-while relying on the lost virtues of empathy, humility, and self-control.

Filled with big-think fascinations and practical wisdom, I, Human is the book we need to thrive in the future.

Product information

  • Title: I, Human
  • Author(s): Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Timothy Andrés Pabon
  • Release date: February 2023
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781663719676