2. What eBay Is All About

You must crawl before walking, and walk before running. This chapter takes you through eBay’s primary areas, explaining from a bird’s-eye view what eBay is all about.

This won’t be a take-you-by-the-hand eBay 101 course. You don’t need that. Your eBay Maniac has the details down. You need something else.

If you’re brand new to eBay, or only briefly familiar with parts of eBay (perhaps you’ve bought but never sold anything without your maniac doing the work for you), you’ll get a good feel for the whole eBay experience here. You will learn how to register a new eBay ID in case you want to work on eBay without using your eBay Maniac’s ID.

Once you finish this overview, the rest of the book will be far less foreign—and ...

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