Running H/F 1 431
6. In the next window shown in Figure 8-165, click OK.
Figure 8-165 The other message from the updateRecord method of the dummy journal
The browser displays the final result as shown in Figure 8-166.
Figure 8-166 The Deposit Result page
8.4 Developing a rich Java client
This section describes how to build the business application described in 8.3,
“Developing an application using Branch Transformation Toolkit” on page 248.
However, in this section, a Java client is used instead of a HTML client, to
implement the presentation view. To invoke the Single Action EJB, an invoker for
a Java request is used instead of invoker using Struts.
This section explores the characteristics of BTT Visual Beans to facilitate the
development of operation views, besides exploring the characteristics of client
operations and ithe nvoker.

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