472 IBM Branch Transformation Toolkit 5.1 Migration and Usage Guidelines
d. Add some definitions to withdrawalServerOpOP.properties as shown in
Example 8-55.
Example 8-55 withdrawalServerOpOp.properties
e. Based on the above definitions in the property file, the Invoker component
can find and instance
withdrawalServerOp.invoker.java.WithdrawalServerOpInvoker. Save, and
close the Java Editor.
6. Open BTTBankAppClientWeb project and select Java Resources
com.ibm.btt.cs.invoker.base package
BeanInvokerRegistryMapper.properties with Properties File Editor. Add
the code shown in Example 8-56 in a new line.
Example 8-56 BeanInvokerRegistryMapper.properties
7. Save, and close the Properties File Editor.
8.4.7 Running this application
To run this application, perform the following tasks:
1. From WebSphere Studio Application Developer menu select Project
Rebuild All.
2. Open the Server perspective.
3. In the Server Configuration view, right-click Servers and select WBI SF.
Select Start.
4. Once the WBI SF server is started, switch to the Java perspective and select
WithdrawalView.java from the BTTBankApplicationClient project. From the
WebSphere Studio Application Developer menu, select Run Run.
Running H/F 1 473
5. In the dialog box, select Java Bean and click New in the left panel, as shown
in Figure 8-196.
Figure 8-196 Run template
6. Click Run. After a couple of moments, a Java client window is displayed as
shown in Figure 8-197.
474 IBM Branch Transformation Toolkit 5.1 Migration and Usage Guidelines
Figure 8-197 The input view
7. You can modify the Account Number or Amount. If you click OK, a window
opens, as shown in Figure 8-198.
Figure 8-198 The result view
8. During the execution, a messageis displayed in the console shown in
Figure 8-199 on page 475.
Running H/F 1 475
Figure 8-199 Console showing message
476 IBM Branch Transformation Toolkit 5.1 Migration and Usage Guidelines

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