Chapter 7. Remote Messaging, Remote Support, and Web topology 247
7.4.6 Checking that CEI event persistence is disabled
For a production system, it is best to disable persistence of CEI events to a
database, as this can have a significant performance impact on HTTP request
response times. This is the default setting for the IBM Business Process
Manager 7.5 release, compared with automatically enabling for the 7.0 release.
Therefore, confirm that it is disabled via the Integrated Solutions Console:
1. Open the Integrated Solutions Console and navigate to Service
Integration Common Event Infrastructure Event Service
Event Services.
2. Click Default Common Event Infrastructure event server. Ensure that the
Enable event data store option is not selected.
7.4.7 Securing the Process Server and Performance Data Warehouse
service integration buses
In Business Process Manager v7.5.0.0, the service integration buses used by the
IBM Process Server and Performance Data Warehouse are shipped unsecured.
To secure these service integration buses, follow the instructions provided in the
Technote available from IBM Support at:
Note: If you have a web server defined, any updates made to the virtual host
list are important information to the web server. The plug-in file referenced by
the web server will need to be generated and propagated.
1. After mapping virtual hosts, regenerate the plug-in configuration file. From
the left navigation area, click Servers Server Types Web servers.
2. From the Web servers panel, select the check box next to the name
of the web server for which you want to generate a plug-in. Click
Generate Plug-in.
At this step, you can wait to perform the generation and propagation of the
plug-in file.
Note: If this menu item does not appear, you might not have restarted your
deployment manager since generating your deployment topology, in which
case, restart it now.

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