Chapter 7. Remote Messaging, Remote Support, and Web topology 265
Check the Performance Admin Console:
a. Log in as the tw_admin user.
b. Inspect all menu items, ensuring that there are no errors or exceptions
(Figure 7-45).
Figure 7-45 Performance Admin console
WebService API
http://itsodb2/webapi/services/, using IHS for HTTP requests
Node01.PC:9081//webapi/services/, direct HTTP requests
to Node01
Check the rendered WSDL files:
a. Log in as a valid user (in this case, bpmadmin).
b. Check that the following WSDLs render without errors:
266 IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 Production Topologies
Enter the Process Center URL http://yourwebserver/ProcessCenter and log in
using bpmadmin. A Getting Started panel displays (Figure 7-46).
Figure 7-46 Getting Started with IBM Process Center panel
Downloading and installing Process Designer
Download the process designer tool and install it to verify the functionality of
Process Center. It only takes a few clicks to install:
1. Open a web browser and enter the Process Center URL
http://yourwebserver/ProcessCenter, which displays the Getting Started
panel (Figure 7-46).
2. Click Download, select a local folder in which to save the file, click Save,
and the Process Designer download will start. Wait until the download
is completed.
3. Find the downloaded file with the name is IBM Process and
extract to a folder.

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