Chapter 5. Preparing your topology 127
5.5.6 Federating the process server custom profiles
After the custom profile has been created (and augmented for IBM Business
Monitor), federate the profile into the process server cell’s deployment manager.
See 5.5.3, “Federating a custom profile into the cell” on page 117, for information
about how to federate a profile.
5.6 Configuring LDAP as the user account registry
This section describes the procedure to configure LDAP as the user registry.
Table 5-5 lists the users expected within LDAP.
Table 5-5 LDAP users by product
Note: If this node is going to host IBM Business Monitor, this custom profile
must be augmented. Instructions for augmenting the custom profile are
documented in the Information Center:
Business Monitor
Business Process Manager
Primary administrative user for Business Process
bpmadmin bpmadmin
User for the business flow and human task
monitor role
JMS API Authentication
User for connection to CEI Messaging Bus
ceijms ceijms
User for connection to SCA Messaging Buses
128 IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 Production Topologies
The steps are:
1. Start the deployment manager if it is not already started:
2. Log in to the Integrated Solutions Console.
3. Navigate to Security Global security.
4. Select the Enable administrative security check box.
In the User account repository panel (Figure 5-15), from the Available realm
definitions list, the default realm is Federated repositories. Click Configure.
Figure 5-15 User account repository
User for connection to BPC Messaging Bus bpcjms
User for connection to Monitor Messaging Bus
Business Monitor
Business Process Manager
Chapter 5. Preparing your topology 129
5. From the Federated repositories window, under Related Items, click Manage
Repositories (Figure 5-16).
Figure 5-16 Repositories in the realm
6. On the Manage repositories panel, click Add (Figure 5-17).
Figure 5-17 Manage repositories
7. On the New Repository panel (Figure 5-18), set the following attributes:
a. Set Repository identifier to itdsLDAP.
b. For Directory type select IBM Tivoli Directory Server.
c. Set the primary host name to
d. Ensure that port is set to 389.
e. Set the bind distinguished name to ou=SAMPLE.
f. Set the bind password to itso4you.
g. Set the login properties to uid.
h. Click Apply.
i. Click Save.
130 IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 Production Topologies
Figure 5-18 Creating a new LDAP repository
Chapter 5. Preparing your topology 131
There are now two repositories (Figure 5-19).
Figure 5-19 Installed repositories
8. Click the Federated Repositories link at the top of the page.
9. From the Federated Repositories panel, in the Repositories in the realm
section, click Add Base entry to Realm (Figure 5-20).
Figure 5-20 Repositories in the realm

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