164 IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 Production Topologies
6.2.2 Using the command line
To configure a topology using the command line, you will need a topology
definition file. The typical way to create this is to define a topology using the
Integrated Solutions Console and then export it. To do this:
1. Define a topology as in 6.2.1, “Using the Integrated Solutions Console” on
page 147, for example. Typically, you would only save the environment
definition by selecting Finish at the end. You would not actually generate it.
2. Export the topology by opening the Integrated Solutions Console, navigating
to Servers Deployment Environments, selecting the relevant topology
definition, and then clicking Export.
Whichever of these methods you choose, you can then generate the topology
using two wsadmin commands, as shown in “Importing and generating a
deployment environment topology” — one to import the topology definition file
and another to generate it.
After you complete these instructions, you must complete the steps in 6.3,
“Post-creation configuration” on page 165.
Importing and generating a deployment environment topology
After you have a file representing a deployment environment topology, you can
import it and generate the environment using two wsadmin commands. Here we
show how to do this interactively. You could also build this into a wsadmin script,
with appropriate error checking.
First, import the deployment environment definition:
AdminTask.importDeploymentEnvDef ([ '-filePath', fileLocation,
'-topologyName', topologyName])
Assuming that this task completes successfully, ensure that this configuration
change is saved using the AdminConfig.save() command.
Then generate the deployment environment itself:
AdminTask.generateDeploymentEnv (['-topologyName', topologyName])
Note: You can generate a new topology definition from scratch using
wsadmin commands. We do not cover that approach in this book. You can
find more information at:

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