Working with the D-Cube

When working with the D-Cube, you have several functionalities that help you to hone in on the information that you want. By default, the D-Cube opens in full view, but you can open only a slice of the cube and save the slice for later viewing.

Opening a full view of the D-Cube

The most straightforward way to view the D-Cube is to open all dimensions. To open a full D-Cube:

  1. Click on File|Open|D-Cube.
  2. Select the D-Cube. Click on OK.
  3. Select the Full option. Click on OK.

Opening a selection of the D-Cube

A selection is a subset of a D-Cube. You can only open the specific items of the dimensions that you want to view. Because the data in a selection is fewer than the full view, less memory is required and the D-Cube opens and ...

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