Pros and cons

Now that we understand MHT files, it is important to understand the pros and cons of using an MHT file to share information.


The advantages of using the MHT files are as follows:

  • Cognos Active Reports are transportable
    • They can be e-mailed
    • They can be stored on jump drives
    • They can be saved to shared areas of a filesystem
  • Cognos Active Reports are great for offline consumption
    • You can execute them while away from the office
    • Field employees can access data without an Internet connection
    • Users can work in remote locations, such as airplanes
  • Cognos Active Reports work with iPads
    • Executives want this
    • iPad usage is often synonymous as ease-of-use
  • Cognos Active Reports can be flashy
    • Flashy information is more likely to be consumed than basic information ...

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