Chapter 7. Dimensional security 197
11.Follow step 1 on page 195 through step 10 on page 196 for Grant First Aid and Deny
Insect Bite Relief for Alan White to have Read access to both security views.
12.Start the gosldw_sales cube.
13.Select the View recent messages check box to ensure there are no errors with the
security views.
7.12 Verifying the security model
If the package was queried by an administrator or if the cube had no security, the metadata
tree show all the members and all the measures.
Figure 7-88 shows the gosldw_sales_PKG.
Figure 7-88 Metadata tree
198 IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes
A basic crosstab of Unit Cost and the Products hierarchy shows all the members under
Outdoor Protection. (Figure 7-89)
Figure 7-89 Members under Outdoor Protection
An administrator can see all the members under Outdoor Protection; it is similar to having no
security defined.
If the package is queried by user Alan White, because he is assigned to Grant Outdoor
Protection and Deny Insect Repellents and Grant First Aid and Deny Insect Bite
Relief, he sees a restricted view of the metadata tree with only Unit Cost, Unit Price, Unit
Sales Price measures visible.
Chapter 7. Dimensional security 199
Figure 7-90 shows a metadata tree with only Unit Cost, Unit Price, Unit Sales Price measures
Figure 7-90 Restricted view of metadata tree
When the user queries the same report as the administrator, they see a different result
because of dimensional security (Figure 7-91).
Figure 7-91 User queries as administrator
The members Camping Equipment, Mountaineering Equipment, Personal Accessories, and
Golf Equipment are not visible to Alan White under the All level. Only Outdoor Protection is
visible under the All member.
Also, under Outdoor Protection, Insect Repellents and its descendants, and Insect Bite Relief
under First Aid, are not visible to the user.
200 IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes

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