44 IBM Communication Controller Migration Guide
2.5 Task 4 - ZYX Company controller strategic planning
ZYX Financial would like to further reduce their dependence on controllers. They
have identified four major functional areas that the controllers continue to
򐂰 Token-ring gateway to the mainframe
򐂰 Low-speed line concentration
򐂰 SNI Gateway functions
򐂰 EP Support
Of these functional areas, ZYX Company decided to make an effort to migrate
their low-speed line concentration and token-ring gateway functions away from
the controllers within three years. They chose to migrate to Ethernet technology
and utilize the Open System Adapters (OSA) currently available as a hardware
feature on their IBM zSeries Server and the z/OS operating system. Refer to
Chapter 15, “OSA-Express” on page 269 for more information on this type of
The other two functions, SNI and EP, are harder for ZYX Company to migrate.
They have chosen to make a long-term study into how to migrate these functions.
These two areas in particular are usually difficult migration issues for most
organizations. See Chapter 3, “Hot topics - SNI, EP, BSC, and X.25” on page 89
for more information on SNI and EP.
2.6 Task 5 - ZYX Co. functional alternative migration
ZYX Company has begun the token-ring and low-speed line migration. Their first
step was to move to newer mainframe technology with the IBM zSeries. This
provided ZYX Company with OSA gigabit Ethernet technology to a mainframe
with sufficient CPU processing power to support a large SNA to IP migration

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