Chapter 3. TN Redirector 39 TN host connection parameters
TCP/IP address of host Enter the TCP/IP address of the host in the
standard TCP/IP dotted decimal address format.
TCP/IP name or alias If you know the TCP/IP name of the host, you can
select this option and enter the name.
TCP/IP port number The TCP/IP port number that the TN Redirector uses
to access the host. Port 23 is used by most CS for OS/390, AS/400,
and VT hosts for Telnet connections.
SSL secure session Select this option to indicate that the TN Redirector
uses SSL to access the host. This option is available only if the host
supports SSL.
Security level This option allows you to specify the security level that the
host must use in order to establish a connection to the TN Redirector.
Possible values are:
Authenticate only (only server authentication),
40 bit minimum - at least 40 bits
56 bit minimum - at least 56 bits
128 bit minimum - at least 128 bits
168 bit minimum - at least 168 bits
Authenticate minimum - any of the above
The session will use the highest security level that both host and TN
Redirector can support. If the host cannot support the requested level
of security or higher the session will not be started.
Note:Using encryption requires additional software to be installed
with CS/AIX. See
IBM Communications Server for AIX, Version 6,
Quick Beginnings,
GC31-8583 for more information. Depending on
your location, you may not be able to use all the encryption levels
listed because the software required to support them is not available
in your country.
3.3 Scenario
For this section we will use the following equipment:
An RS/6000 running AIX Version 4.3.3 with the latest maintenance level,
and IBM Communications Server for AIX, Version 6
A PC running Windows NT and IBM Personal Communications for
Windows NT, Version 4.3 (PCOMM)
A host running CS for OS/390
40 IBM Communications Server for AIX, V6: New Features and Implementation Scenarios
An AS/400 host
Figure 21. Test scenario
The steps to test the scenario in Figure 21 were as follows:
On the RS/6000:
1. The node was configured as a network node.
Note: The TN Redirector can be configured in any node type. We chose a
network node for our configuration.
TN3270 Client
TN5250 Client
TN Redirector
CS for OS/390
Telnet Server
Telnet Server
Chapter 3. TN Redirector 41
Figure 22. Node configuration
The define_node section of the /etc/sna/sna_node.cfg file looks like the
cp_alias =
description = TN Redirector
fqcp_name = USIBMRA.RS60003
node_type = NETWORK_NODE
mode_to_cos_map_supp = YES
mds_supported = YES
node_id = <07100000>
max_locates = 1500
dir_cache_size = 255
max_dir_entries = 0
locate_timeout = 0
reg_with_nn = YES
reg_with_cds = YES
mds_send_alert_q_size = 100
cos_cache_size = 24
tree_cache_size = 40
tree_cache_use_limit = 40
max_tdm_nodes = 0
max_tdm_tgs = 0
max_isr_sessions = 1000
isr_sessions_upper_threshold = 900
isr_sessions_lower_threshold = 800
isr_max_ru_size = 16384
isr_rcv_pac_window = 8
store_endpt_rscvs = NO
42 IBM Communications Server for AIX, V6: New Features and Implementation Scenarios
store_isr_rscvs = NO
store_dlur_rscvs = NO
cos_table_version = VERSION_0_COS_TABLES
send_term_self = NO
disable_branch_awareness = NO
cplu_syncpt_support = NO
cplu_attributes = NONE
dlur_support = YES
pu_conc_support = YES
nn_rar = 128
max_ls_exception_events = 0
ms_support = NORMAL
queue_nmvts = YES
ptf_flags = NONE
2. The node was started.
3. Two TN Redirector access records were defined. One access record was
configured for connection to the CS for OS/390 host and the other for
access to the AS/400. The configuration panel is shown in Figure 23 on
page 43.
Chapter 3. TN Redirector 43
Figure 23. TN Redirector access records
Note: TCP/IP names can be used instead of TCP/IP addresses if name
resolvers are in use. The TCP/IP port numbers to which the TN client
connects to the TN Redirector must be different to access different hosts.
The access records definitions in the /etc/sna/sna_node.cfg file look like:
default_record =
address_format = FULLY_QUALIFIED_NAME
client_address =
client_port = 8020
host_address_format = IP_ADDRESS
host_address =
host_port = 23
cli_ssl_enabled = NO
cli_conn_security_level = SSL_AUTHENTICATE_MIN
host_ssl_enabled =

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