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Chapter 13. 64-bit SNA applications
IBM Communications Server for AIX, Version 6 introduces support for 64-bit
applications when running with AIX V4.3. Applications written to the APIs
introduced in CS/AIX V5 (LUA, NOF, APPC, CPI-C, CSV, MS) may be
compiled and linked to run in either 32-bit or 64-bit mode. Applications that
use the jCPI-C API or the older CS/AIX V4 APIs do not support 64-bit mode.
13.1 Requirements for 64-bit support
IBM AIX V4.3.2 ML2 or later is required if you intend to compile, link or
execute applications using CS/AIX APIs in 64-bit mode. 64-bit applications
may be compiled and linked on an AIX 32-bit machine, but they must be
executed on an AIX 64-bit machine.
The AIX bos.64bit option must be installed. bos.64bit is part of the AIX base
operating system. AIX 64-bit support is configured using the command
64-bit support within AIX 4.3 also requires the latest data link control filesets.
Depending on your specific CS/AIX configuration, you may require at least
one of the following filesets at the level indicated:
Table 2. 64-bit fileset requirements
All bos.dlc filesets except sna.dlcchannel and sna.dlcmpc are provided as
part of the bos.dlc.usr package in the AIX base operating system.
Link Station Type Fileset Level
Token-ring bos.dlc.token
Standard Ethernet bos.dlc.ether
802.3 Ethernet bos.dlc.8023
X.25 bos.dlc.qllc
SDLC bos.dlc.sdlc
FDDI bos.dlc.fddi
CDLC Channel sna.dlcchannel
MPC Channel sna.dlcmpc

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