86 DB2 9 for z/OS: New Tools for Query Optimization
3.2 Workstation requirements
Ensure that your workstation meets the following hardware requirements:
򐂰 500 MB of space on your hard disk drive
򐂰 1 GB of memory
򐂰 A Pentium® IV processor equivalent or above
Recommendation: For optimal performance, use faster processors with more memory.
Ensure that you have the following software installed on your workstation:
򐂰 One of the following Microsoft® Windows operating systems:
Windows 2000
–Windows XP
Windows 2003
򐂰 Microsoft Internet Explorer® Version 5.5 or later
򐂰 Adobe® SVG Viewer 3.0. Optimization Service Center prompts you to download and
install this component when you first access the visual plan hints function. You must
download the SVG Viewer from the Adobe Web site.
򐂰 IBM DB2 Connect Application Server, Enterprise, Personal, or Unlimited Edition at the
Version 9.1 Fix Pack 1, 8.2 Fix Pack 6, or 8.1 Fix Pack 13 level, or later.
򐂰 An IP network connection to DB2.
Recommendation: For faster access, do not use a dial-up connection. Use a broadband
network connection.
3.3 Installing Optimization Service Center on a workstation
You can install Optimization Service Center on a workstation based on three options from:
򐂰 The product CD
򐂰 The Web download
Note: According to the Adobe Web site, Adobe will discontinue support for the SVG
Viewer as of January 1, 2008. Optimization Service Center or Optimization Expert
developers are working on a solution.
Note: You can use a limited-use license for DB2 Connect Personal Edition Version 9,
which is included with IBM DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS, for connections from your client
workstation (where Optimization Service Center resides) to DB2. Customers requiring
additional licenses need to inquire about an upgraded version of DB2 Connect.
The configuration with DB2 Connect residing in a middle layer is currently not
Note: Optimization Service Center is a no-cost tool. Optimization Expert is a purchased

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