6 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
found in printed form, in a Web page, or as a distinct document maintained by
the records group. Using Document Manager, you can automate the process of
updating and disseminating the document to all the various formats using a
structured business process that follows corporate guidelines.
1.3 Document Manager components
Document Manager is built on a three-tier model. The model consists of:
򐂰 Document Manager clients
򐂰 Document Manager server and services
򐂰 Content repository
The content repository for a Document Manager solution is Content Manager. If
you need to provide records management to the solution, you need Records
Manager and Content Manager Records Enabler.
Document Manager clients
There are three types of Document Manager clients:
򐂰 Document Manager Desktop
򐂰 Document Manager Designer
򐂰 Document Manager Item Loader
In this redbook, we focus on the first two.
The Document Manager client applications are accessed and installed directly
from a URL configured at the system installation time.
Document Manager Desktop is a client interface provided to users to access
and manage documents within Document Manager. It enables users to add,
delete, and modify documents in the system. In addition, users can search and
view documents from the Desktop. Other activities users can perform in the
Desktop include checking in and checking out documents, and transitioning
documents through their life cycles.
Document Manager Designer is a client interface provided for system
administrators and the designers of Document Manager. It enables
administrators and designers to configure the Document Manager environment,
the system setup, and the Document Manager Desktops. Without programming,
Note: In this redbook, we use the wording Document Manager solution/
system interchangeably with the wording
document management solution/
system. In addition, when we write that we are
records enabling a solution, we
mean to provide records management to the solution.
Chapter 1. Solution overview 7
the designers can use the interface to customize Desktops for different users,
and control what users can see and do once they are in a Document Manager
Document Manager server and services
The Document Manager server (also known as the Document Manager Library
Server) is the core component of a Document Manager system. It services
requests from Document Manager applications and it serves as the
communicator between the content repository and the Document Manager
applications. It comprises a set of dynamic link libraries (DLLs).
Other basic components of Document Manager are:
򐂰 Cache server
򐂰 Life cycle service
򐂰 Notification service
cache server is responsible for maintaining the system’s cache configuration
files up-to-date. Document Manager uses these cache files to reduce server to
client communication and to communicate with Document Manager clients about
changes in the Document Manager system configuration, such as users, menus,
views, states, users’ folder creation and modification. The cache manager runs
at a configurable interval basis, pooling changes from the server repository and
preparing the cache file for the next user connection. In addition, each Document
Manager Desktop maintains its own cache file based in the server cache file. The
Desktop copies the cached information on the cache server to the local server
each time it connects to the Document Manager server if the information has
been changed since its last copy.
life cycle service manages documents’ life cycle. It is responsible for
processing document actions submitted from the Document Manager Desktop,
the Item Loader, or Automation Services. Examples of these actions include
sending an e-mail notification, creating a printing job, and starting a rendition
notification service processes e-mail notifications and sends e-mails to the
designated users. The notification process is triggered by a Document Manager
life cycle process and can either attach the document or include the document
link to the e-mail.
Document Manager also offers the following optional services:
򐂰 Print/plot service
򐂰 Rendition service
򐂰 Automation service

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