332 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
9.1 Property exchanges
The Document Manager property exchange feature enables the exchange of file
property values with the content repository. The file property values are the file
properties of applications, such as Microsoft Office, engineering applications,
and Lotus Notes. This feature allows the system to read or write property
information from or to documents into the property fields within the system. The
update occurs during the checkout and checkin actions from an integrated
application (for example, Microsoft Word).
In this section, we show you how to configure a property exchange for Microsoft
Word to exchange the Title attribute with Document Manager, and for Lotus
Notes to exchange e-mail attributes, such as subject, from, and to, with
Document Manager.
The following steps comprise the tasks required to complete this exercise:
1. “Create Microsoft Word property exchanges” on page 332
2. “Create Lotus Notes Property Exchanges” on page 333
3. Complete “Application Integration” on page 334
For all these steps, you use Document Manager Designer. To get to Document
Designer, click Start Programs IBM DB2 Document Manager
In the Designer, open Global - [Administrator] as before, open the Desktop,
and then click Property Exchanges to select it.
9.1.1 Create Microsoft Word property exchanges
Click the New icon in the Designer title bar. Do the following:
1. In the Name field, type MS Word.
2. Set Type to MS Word, XP, 2003.
3. Set Update Mode to Automatic.
4. Populate the bottom section as shown in Figure 9-1.

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