340 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
2. Select the Application Integration tab and complete the Application
Integration page:
a. Select MS Word 2000, XP, and 2003 from the drop-down list Application.
b. Click Add.
c. Select Lotus Notes from the drop-down list Application.
d. Click Add.
3. Click OK to save the changes.
9.3 Notification
ZXY Technologies needs to accelerate the approval process. They want to send
an automatic e-mail notice to Managers and Financial people when they have a
new document to review.
The following steps comprise the tasks required to complete this exercise:
1. “Create mail notification” on page 340
2. “Create Mail Notification ProjectManager” on page 342
3. “Configure the Draft state for notification” on page 343
4. “Configure Review state for notification” on page 343
For all these steps you need to use Document Manager Designer. To get there if
you are not there, click Start Programs IBM DB2 Document Manager
In the Designer, open Global - [Administrator] as before, and click
Notifications to select it.
9.3.1 Create mail notification
Click the New icon in the Designer title bar. Use the following steps:
1. In the Name field, type Mail Notification.
2. Set the Type field to MAPI E-mail.
3. Complete the Message tab with the Mail Subject and Body as shown in
Figure 9-8.
Note: Be sure the file DdmSmtp.ini under the Document Manager path has a
valid eMail Profile. That profile is the one used to send the notifications.
Chapter 9. Advanced Document Manager implementation 341
The variable %Proposal Number% inside the body will be converted to the
Document Proposal Number the notification is sending. You need to check
the Process Property option for that to happen.
Figure 9-8 Mail notification message tab window
4. Click the Recipients tab and complete the Recipients page. Add a
a. Set Select from Specified.
b. Set Specified to usrManager@kcwb99n.almaden.ibm.com or the Manager
e-mail address.
c. Set Address to None.
d. Click Add.
e. Repeat the previous step to add usrFinancial@kcwb99n.almaden.ibm.com
or the Financial e-mail address.
5. Complete Application tab:
Set Email application to DdmSmtp.exe.
6. Click OK to save your entries to the system.

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