22 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
2.3.2 Adding documents
Users can add documents into a Document Manager system in many ways, such
򐂰 Document Manager Desktop
򐂰 Microsoft Word integration
򐂰 Lotus Notes integration
Depending on your business requirement, you can configure the system to
create a full text index on the added documents.
In addition, once you add the documents, Document Manager gives you the
option of checking out the document for edit, or checking out the document
launching the application with the document in edit mode.
Adding documents using the Document Manager Desktop
Usually, there is an Add Document icon or a menu selection in the Desktop that
enables you to add a document to the system.
For the sample application, use the following steps to add a sales proposal:
1. Launch the Document Manager Desktop from Internet Explorer using the
following URL:
C:\Program Files\IBM\DB2 Document Manager\default.htm
2. Open the login window by clicking CorporateLibrary. Log in as usrSale,
using password for the password.
3. Click Add Document from the Desktop’s top toolbar.
4. Browse through the file system and find the document to add. Double-click
the document or select the document and click Open.
5. Select Class Sales Proposal. A dialog box appears (see Figure 2-3).
6. Enter the necessary information, such as the Customer Name, Customer
Number, Request for Proposal Number, Proposal Subject, and check the
date box under the Create Date field.
Full text indexing of a document is available through DB2 Net Search
Extender. In Figure 2-3, the Search index option is checked. With this option
checked, the system creates full text index for the entire document in the
Document Manager system.
7. Click Apply to import the document into the system.
Chapter 2. Quick start with case study 23
Figure 2-3 Add dialog box
8. Once you import the document, the system displays the Process document
checkout dialog box as shown in Figure 2-4. There are three choices
implemented in the sample application:
Checkout: Check out the imported document from the system.
Checkout Launch: Check out and launch the document in edit mode.
Cancel: Import the document to the system only and do nothing else.
Select Cancel for this exercise.
Figure 2-4 Process Document Checkout window

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