Chapter 3. Document Manager solution design and planning 71
Figure 3-5 Document Manager search dialogs
In later chapters of this redbook, we show you how we create the sample
application for the case study.
For more details about designing a Document Manager Desktop, also refer to the
IBM DB2 Document Manager V8.3 System Administration Guide, SC18-9254.
3.3.3 Define folders structures
You do not define Folders in the Document Manager Designer tool but they can
be created in the Folder Administrator utility that is part of the Document
Manager menu actions. You create folders to organize documents into
directory-like structures so users can easily find documents without performing a
document search action.
There are two types of folders, standard and dynamic folders. With
, you can manually drag and drop documents to the folders. The dynamic
, also known as the dynamic search folders are linked to saved search
documents. The saved search documents store saved queries. Every time a
user opens a dynamic search folder, an associated saved search to the dynamic
search folder is executed and the folder content is refreshed. Dynamic search
folders are useful for quick lookup of certain groups of documents, without having
users manually drag and drop the documents there.
Use folders appropriately. Do not overuse them or else you can impact system
You can configure the folder security so only specific users have access to
72 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
Note: The Export/Import utility does not export or import a folder from one
system to another. If you create the folder in the testing environment, you
must either manually recreate it in the production environment or drag and
drop it to the new environment.

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