106 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
Figure 5-7 User authentication required during a transition
This is an optional feature. You set up the transition authentication option when
you configure the life cycle map using Document Manager Designer. Refer to
Chapter 7, “Configuring a life cycle”, in the IBM DB2 Document Manager V8.3
System Administration Guide, SC18-9254, for detailed instruction about setting
up this option.
5.1.4 Managing security through the actions and dialog objects
Actions and dialog objects provide interfaces for managing documents (items) in
a Document Manager system. Actions result from interactive menu command
selections, which can or cannot display a dialog, depending on the configuration.
Dialogs are displayed for the user to input or update document attribute
Document Manager has the following type of configurable actions and dialog
򐂰 Add
򐂰 Check in
򐂰 Check out
򐂰 Copy
򐂰 Modify
Chapter 5. Security 107
򐂰 Revise
򐂰 Transition
򐂰 Version History
򐂰 View
Table 5-3 shows which Document Manager actions require configuration, which
are optional, and which have no requirement.
Table 5-3 Configurable actions and dialogs
Depending on your system requirements, you can create actions and dialog
objects for the desired actions and associate them with a class. When you create
these objects, you need to specify the users or groups that have access to them.
If a user is not part of the users or groups who are associated with the actions
and dialog objects, the user cannot perform the actions.
For example in the case study, users need to:
򐂰 Add a sales proposal document
򐂰 Modify the properties (attributes) of a sales proposal document
򐂰 Revise a sales proposal document
In the sample application, the sales proposal class has three actions and dialog
objects (see Figure 5-8):
򐂰 Proposal - Revise
򐂰 Sales Proposal - Add
򐂰 Sales Proposal - Modify
Actions Dialogs When used
Add Required Add an item to the content repository.
Check in Optional Check in one or more items.
Check out Optional Check out one or more items.
Copy None Copy one or more item to a specified location.
Modify Required Modify an item’s attributes.
Revise Optional Create a revision of an item.
Transition None Transition one or more items from the current
state to a new state.
Version History Required View all versions of a selected item.
View None Display one or more items in the configured
108 IBM DB2 Document Manager with IBM Records Manager Solution Guide
Figure 5-8 Mapping actions and dialog objects to Sales Proposal Class
Each object has its associated groups mapped to it. See Figure 5-9.

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