Chapter 5. Security 139
5.3.1 Impact of permission changes in Records Manager
When the permission of a host user in Records Manager changes, the change is
not reflected in Content Manager until the permission synchronization process
For example, WBUSER at one point does not have
Host Retrieve permission in
Records Manager. Now a record administrator grants WBUSER the
permission. This change should entitle WBUSER to see the declared
document described for Figure 5-30. However, the user will not be able to see the
document until the permission synchronization process runs. This process is
responsible for synchronizing the changes in Records Manager back into
Content Manager.
You can run permission synchronization from the Records Enabler administration
client. There are two ways to run the process. You can schedule the permission
synchronization process or you can run it on demand. See Figure 5-32.
Figure 5-32 Permission Synchronization panel

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