278 IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms V2 Usage Guide
In this scenario, the assumption is that a user has deleted data from the
DEPARTMENT table accidentally. The user requests that you to recover
DEMOSPACE table space to the time before the wrong transaction was run. The
mistaken delete statement is as follows:
db2 “delete from department where admrdept='A00'”
9.4.2 Prerequisites for the scenario
This scenario uses DB2 UDB SAMPLE database. It uses all of the defaults for
database structure and configuration except the following:
򐂰 SAMPLE database is created on /ess1. NEWLOGPATH must be located in
the volume other then the backup source volume. This is a DB2 RE Fast
Backup requirement.
򐂰 LOGRETAIN must be set to RECOVERY. This is a DB2 RE requirement.
򐂰 DEMOSPACE table space is created on an IBM ESS volume /ess2 using
makedms.sh. Tables are created using demospace.ddl. Data are imported
using demospace.sh.
򐂰 The Versioning Repository must have been created and updated once the
last DDL was run. This is a DB2 RE requirement.
򐂰 A backup must have been taken after the last Versioning Repository update.
This is a DB2 RE requirement.
򐂰 The operation flow is as follows.
a. Run the following:
db2sampl /ess1
b. Set NEWLOGPATH, For example
db2 update db cfg for sample using newlogpath /home/db2inst1/logs/sample
c. Run the following:
d. Create the Versioning Repository on DB2 RE.
e. Set LOGRETAIN recovery to SAMPLE database.
f. Backup the SAMPLE database.
g. Launch the Fast Backup client for a table space backup.

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