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AIX Advanced Interactive
eXecutive from IBM
ALID Archive Log Inventory Data
APAR authorized program analysis
ARM automatic restart manager
ASCII American National Standard
Code for Information
BLOB binary large objects
CCA client configuration assistant
CCSID coded character set identifier
CD compact disk
CEC central electronics complex
CF coupling facility
CFCC coupling facility control code
CFRM coupling facility resource
CLI call level interface
CLI command line interface
CLP command line processor
CPU central processing unit
CSA common storage area
CTT created temporary table
DASD direct access storage device
DB2 default DB2 instance
DB2 PM DB2 performance monitor
DBA database administrator
DBAT database access thread
DBD database descriptor
DBID database identifier
DBRM database request module
Abbreviations and acronyms
DCC Data Capture Changes
DCL data control language
DDCS distributed database
connection services
DDF distributed data facility
DDL data definition language
DLL dynamic load library
manipulation language
DML data manipulation language
DNS domain name server
DPF database partitioning feature
DRD distributed relational database
DSC dynamic statement cache,
local or global
DTT declared temporary tables
EA extended addressability
EBCDIC extended binary coded
decimal interchange code
ECS enhanced catalog sharing
ECSA extended common storage
EDM environment descriptor
ERP enterprise resource planning
ESA Enterprise Systems
ESP Enterprise Solution Package
ETR external throughput rate, an
elapsed time measure,
focuses on system capacity
FAQ frequently asked questions
FTD functional track directory
FTP File Transfer Program
378 IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms V2 Usage Guide
GB gigabyte (1,073,741,824
GBP group buffer pool
GRS global resource serialization
GUI graphical user interface
HPJ high performance Java
I/O input/output
IBM International Business
Machines Corporation
ICF integrated catalog facility
ICMF internal coupling migration
IFCID instrumentation facility
component identifier
IFI instrumentation facility
IPLA IBM Program Licence
IRLM internal resource lock
ISPF interactive system productivity
ISV independent software vendor
IT Information Technology
ITR internal throughput rate, a
processor time measure,
focuses on processor
ITSO International Technical
Support Organization
IVP installation verification
JDBC™ Java Database Connectivity
JFS journaled file systems
JNDI Java Naming and Directory
JVM Java Virtual Machine
KB kilobyte (1,024 bytes)
LA Log Analysis
LOB large object
LPL logical page list
LRECL logical record length
LRSN log record sequence number
LUN logical unit number
LUW logical unit of work
LVM logical volume manager
MB megabyte (1,048,576 bytes)
NPI non-partitioning index
ODB object descriptor in DBD
ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity
PAV parallel access volume
PDS partitioned data set
PIB parallel index build
PIT point-in-time
PSID page set identifier
PSP preventive service planning
PTF program temporary fix
PUNC possibly uncommitted
QA Quality Assurance
QMF™ Query Management Facility
RACF® Resource Access Control
RBA relative byte address
RE Recovery Expert
RECFM record format
RI referential integrity
RID record identifier
RR repeatable read
RRS resource recovery services
RRSAF resource recovery services
attach facility
RS read stability
SDK software developers kit
Short --fm-- <$filename>
Abbreviations and acronyms 379
SMIT System Management
Interface Tool
SMS System Managed Space
SU switch user
UOW unit of work
VR Versioning Repository
380 IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms V2 Usage Guide

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