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IBM e-business Technology, Solution, and Design Overview

Book Description

In a few short years, e-business has gone from a simple concept to an undeniable reality, and for good reason. It works for everyone: Consumers, businesses, and governments. The primary values of e-business, such as cost savings, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction, are proving to be only the tip of the iceberg. Having realized the benefit of Web-enabling individual business processes, many companies now seek further Return On Investment (ROI) by integrating new and existing e-business applications and technologies. The key to their success is to find a way to give customers what they want without the expense of traditional business operations.

This IBM Redbook explains the IBM approach to creating e-business solutions. This publication targets IT specialists and architects who want to learn about proven technologies, products, and solutions to build advanced e-business applications. This publication is also written for the technical professional who is planning to take IBM Certification Test 815, IBM e-business Solution Design. This is a revision of Test 811, Designing IBM e-business Solutions.

This publication, written by the same people who created Test 815, IBM e-business Solution Design, is a guide to the style and thinking that went into each and every test question. The information in this book is designed to help you prepare for IBM Test 815 and includes helpful tips for taking the test and sample questions.