Chapter 11. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x 155
11.3 Director Extension: Planning, installation, and activation
Figure 11-11 shows the activation process for the Service Agent in the Director Extension
Figure 11-11 System x Director Extension activation flow
11.3.1 Planning for the Service Agent application setup
Early planning can help save you valuable time and can help prevent errors later.
Understanding how to set up the Service Agent application to best cover your IT environment
helps make the use of Service Agent much more effective.
Consider these items when you make your decisions:
򐂰 You need to verify that your systems are supported.
򐂰 You must have a SupportLine contract (or similar contract) for IBM Director and Service
Agent support.
򐂰 You need to ensure that the latest drivers are installed on the hardware.
11.3.2 Installation, configuration, and activation
To install Service Agent on your IBM Director server, follow these steps:
1. Double-click your
setup.exe file to run the setup program to begin the installation process.
2. In the Language Option window, select the language option that you want to use. Click
3. In the Electronic Service Agent Setup window, click Next to continue.
4. In the next window, if you accept the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, click
Plan your System x network
including IBM Director Environment
Install SA on the
Central Management
Enroll and enable in
the Targeted Notebook
(for each managed system)
156 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
5. In the following window, if you accept the terms and conditions of the Communications
Charges Agreement, click Yes.
6. In the Question window, click Yes to view the readme file and then click Next.
7. In the Setup Complete window, select Yes to restart your system now.
8. Click Finish to complete the installation.
After you install Service Agent, you must configure several settings before you can use
Service Agent to monitor your managed systems and perform any other administrative tasks.
The Configuration Wizard leads you step-by-step through the configuration process.
To launch the Configuration Wizard, follow these steps:
1. Start IBM Director.
2. In the Tasks list (shown in Figure 11-12), double-click Electronic Service.
Figure 11-12 IBM Director Task menu
3. The Electronic Service Agent Setup Wizard opens as shown in Figure 11-13. Click Next.
Figure 11-13 Electronic Service Agent Setup Wizard for configuration
Chapter 11. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x 157
4. Select the country (region) where the Director server is located. Click Next.
5. Select either Modem or Internet connection. Then, click Next.
6. Depending on your communication selection, the next windows configure the modem or
the Internet connections. Click Next when you are finished.
7. Complete your company information fields of name, phone, and e-mail. Click Next.
8. Complete the company contact information fields of name, phone, and e-mail. Click Next.
9. Complete the machine location information fields of building, floor, office, city, postal code,
state, or province. Click Next.
Automatic Upgrade selection configures Service Agent to download and apply program
updates automatically when they are available. This check box is enabled by default.
Clear the check box if you do not want this feature. Click Next.
11.When you complete the wizard, you see the window stating that you have completed the
required configuration for Electronic Service Agent (shown in Figure 11-14). Click Finish.
Figure 11-14 Wizard completion panel
The untargeted Service Agent Configuration Notebook automatically appears. Service Agent
is now ready for you to perform administrative tasks.
After you properly install and configure Service Agent, you must enable and enroll each of
your managed systems for Service Agent before Service Agent can perform
information-gathering operations and send Service Requests to IBM.
To enable one or more managed systems for Service Agent, follow these steps:
1. Open the targeted Electronic Service Agent Configuration Notebook. Launch the
Electronic Service Task that is targeted at an individual managed system, group of
managed systems, or multiple selected managed systems.
2. Open the System page.
3. Select Enable for Electronic Service. Click Apply or click OK to close the System page.

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