164 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
򐂰 SMP/E for z/OS and OS/390: User’s Guide, SA22-7773
򐂰 Electronic Service Agent for zSeries and S/390 V1R2 LPS, GA38-0956
򐂰 Electronic Service Agent for System z User Guide, SC38-7104
򐂰 Program Directory for Electronic Service Agent for zSeries and S/390 V1R2, GI11-2492
򐂰 IBM Electronic Service Agent for IBM zSeries and IBM S/390 Messages Guide,
򐂰 Hardware Management Console Operations Guide, Version 2.9.0, IBM, SC28-6821
򐂰 The z/OS Internet Library at this Web site:
12.3 Planning
Early planning can help save you valuable time and prevent aggravation later. Understanding
your information technology (IT) environment and planning the installation and activation of
the Service Agent application is the best way to make your configuration and activation tasks
more efficient and effective.
The user guide recommends that you enable and activate Service Agent in a phased
approach. The user guide includes specific steps that enable a smooth transition. The
information in this section summarizes that information.
You must consider these data types for inventory collection:
򐂰 Hardware data needs to be collected for each instance of a LOGREC data set.
򐂰 Software inventory and service (PTFs) data can be collected from any system that has
addressability to the SMP/E CSI that contains information about the installed products and
service on the system.
HIPER/PE reporting can be requested for reporting the SMP/E CSI target zones.
򐂰 External data collection for sending configuration data is collected by the IBM CCC tool.
Personnel responsible for installing and configuring the Service Agent for hardware data
collection and reporting must be familiar with or have a working knowledge of:
򐂰 System z architectures
򐂰 MVS™ system commands
򐂰 SMP/E installation skills
򐂰 SMP/E CSI structure
򐂰 UNIX® System Services environment
򐂰 Program Directory and listed prerequisites
The System z environment is complex. Ensure that you consider all of the items in the
following list in the planning process for Service Agent activation:
򐂰 The systems programmer must have the correct authority to place Service Agent on the
򐂰 Plan the Service Agent elements that you are going to activate: hardware and software.
򐂰 Plan the Service agent communication mode that you want to use:
HMC communication mode:
Ensure that there is a local area network (LAN) connection between the HMC and
System z image. The focal point HMC needs to be LAN accessible from all z/OS
Chapter 12. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System z 165
system images where Service Agent is installed to perform information collection
and transmission.
Ensure that the focal point HMC has the correct communications for contacting
Ensure that the HMC is at the latest level.
Direct communication mode using the existing Internet connection:
Ensure that there is a LAN connection between the system where zSA will be
installed and activated and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
򐂰 Ensure that your System z platform is at least on z/OS V1.4 or higher with the current
maintenance installed.
򐂰 Ensure that the Java product level is IBM Developer Kit for z/OS, Java 2 Technology
Edition V1.3 or higher with the current maintenance installed: the 32-bit mode only at this
time. The 64-bit mode is expected in the future.
򐂰 Order the correct media for your operating system level. You order Service Agent for
System z code as a stand-alone program product or with one of the following package
offerings in one of four media (6250 tape, 3480 cartridge, 3590 cartridge, or 4mm
5751-CS3 MVS Custom-Built PDO (CBPDO)
5751-CS4 IBM SystemPac/MVS
5751-CS5 IBM ProductPac/MVS
5751-CS9 ServerPac
򐂰 Ensure that there is a minimum of 256 MB of memory for Service Agent on the z/OS
HESEVEM Task: Requires 64 MB of memory
HESSCAN Task: Requires a minimum of 256 MB of memory
HESRDLOG or HESHWRDL Task: Requires 64 MB of memory
򐂰 DFSORT™ or other equipment manufacturer (OEM) equivalent is required only if you
enable performance data collection.
Table 12-1 on page 166 provides a comprehensive list of components that are related to the
Service Agent activation that is required for HMC communication mode.

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