148 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
Table 11-1 System requirements for a stand-alone environment
11.2.2 Installation wizard
The installation wizard leads you through the installation process, beginning with the window
shown in Figure 11-4:
1. In the first wizard window that opens, select your installation type. In this example, we
select Gateway. Click Next.
Figure 11-4 Stand-alone installation wizard
2. In the next window, select the preferred language from the drop-down list to view the
Service Agent License Agreement. Click Next.
3. Select the option to accept the terms of the agreement. Click Next.
4. The next window prompts you to specify the directory placement of the Service Agent
code. Accept the default or select Browse for a new location. After you specify a location,
click Next.
5. The next window confirms your directory selection. If you agree, click Next.
Operating system All versions of Windows and Linux supported by Director Agent
Microprocessor x86 (Pentium® or higher)
Hard disk space 110 MB available: The gateway requires 100 MB, plus 10 MB per Data
Modem or Internet access Required for gateway machine
Monitor Super VGA monitor with the screen resolution set at 800 x 600
(minimum), small font setting, and 256 colors
Requirement: You must install and configure the gateway before installing the Data
collectors. Electronic Service Agent stand-alone environment does not require a reboot of
either the gateway or the data collectors.
Chapter 11. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System x 149
6. Installation Wizard begins to install Service Agent. The wizard shows a window with a
progress bar so you can see the progress of the installation.
7. After installation, launch the
eSAManager.exe. Click the icon on the desktop or use Start
8. To continue installation on the rest of the machines in your enterprise, run the installation
wizard for each machine. This time, select Data Collection on the first wizard window
(shown in Figure 11-4 on page 148) for the installation type. No restart or reboot is needed
after installation.
9. After the installation is complete on the last (or only) machine, the System Status panel
(shown in Figure 11-5) of the configurator program appears. Select Automatically detect
Gateway System to have the Data Collector configure itself, if the Data Collector is on the
same network as the gateway. If the Data Collector is on a separate network, select the
Manually enter the port and network information option. Select Next.
Figure 11-5 Data collection configuration panel
10.When the task completes, there is a completion display (as shown in Figure 11-6 on
page 150) with the message that Electronic Service Agent has now been installed on
this system. To close the wizard, click Finish.
Tip: You will be able to configure data collection systems after the gateway machine is
properly configured.

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