Chapter 2. Installing and configuring EWLM 55
2.7 Uninstalling
This section describes the procedure for uninstalling the product. When you copied the
EWLM components to your system using the IBM Virtualization Engine, an uninstaller suite
was copied to the directory where the VE was installed and launched. You can use the
uninstall wizard to remove the domain manager, the EWLM Control Center, the managed
server images and the required runtime components from your systems running on AIX,
Linux, and Windows. By using this uninstaller, all the VE components will be removed—not
just the EWLM code.
Uninstalling EWLM on Linux, AIX, and Windows
Verify that your domain manager and EWLM Control Center is stopped. To uninstall EWLM,
run the command sequence on your Linux domain manager as shown in Example 2-14. For
domain manager on other operating systems go to the installation directory you have chosen.
The default directory for AIX is as shown for Linux. For Windows go to C:\Program
Files\IBM\VE and run uninstallVEWin.exe. We discuss i5/OS separately because it does not
have the uninstall wizard.
Example 2-14 Uninstalling EWLM on Linux
# cd /opt/IBM/VE
# ./uninstallVELinux.bin
This command starts the uninstall wizard, which allows you to select the components you
want to uninstall. Verify that the directory /opt/IBM/VE is deleted from your system. If not, you
can do it manually after the uninstall wizard has finished.
Uninstalling EWLM on i5/OS
To uninstall the EWLM systems services from an i5/OS server you need to perform the
following steps:
򐂰 Log in to i5/OS domain manager
򐂰 Enter DSPSFWRSC to display all software resources which you have installed. Look for
resource ID 5733VE1.
If the display indicates that only *BASE, 40 (EWLM base support), 41 (domain
manager) or 43 (single-system) are installed, run the following command to uninstall
the managed servers and firewall brokers:
If the display indicates that other options are installed, run the following commands to
uninstall domain manager or single-system EWLM:
If the display indicates that option 42 (managed server) or option 44 (firewall broker)
are installed, you must run the following command to remove option 40 (EWLM base
Uninstalling managed servers and firewall brokers
The uninstall wizard running on the domain manager on AIX, Linux, and Windows does not
uninstall the managed servers or firewall brokers. Log on to your managed server and verify
that the managed server and firewall broker are stopped. Go to directory
/opt/IBM/VE/EWLM/_uninst or C:\Program Files\IBM\VE\EWLM\_uninst and run the
uninstaller. For AIX and Solaris it is called uninstall.bin; for Windows it is called
uninstall.exe. Follow the steps of the uninstall wizard to remove the managed server and
firewall broker from the system. Repeat this step for each managed server you want to
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