50 IBM Enterprise Workload Manager V2.1
2.7 Checking the installation
We now have all the EWLM components installed; however, depending on the platform, there
are some post-installation procedures you might want to perform. Basically, we check if all
services for the EWLM domain manager and managed servers are up and running.
If you are migrating from EWLM R1, please refer to 2.9.3, “Importing a Domain Policy” on
page 74 for instructions on how to import the previous saved Domain Policy.
For UNIX platforms, the services do not start automatically when the system is rebooted, and
so to start it automatically, we suggest that you create a shell script and configure the init
process to start it at boot time.
Let us take a look at these post-installation procedures for each platform.
2.7.1 Post-installation steps for Windows
The Windows environment requires a reboot after it finishes the EWLM domain manager or
managed server installation. After the reboot, click Start Administrative Tools
Services and you should see the screen shown in Figure 2-24.
Figure 2-24 EWLM services for Windows
As you can see, inside the rounded rectangles in Figure 2-24 there are multiple services in
Windows that are related to EWLM and Virtualization Engine. The DB2 and ITDS are

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