Chapter 12. Problem management tools 415
12.8 Sample questions
This section provides a series of questions to aid you in preparing for the
certification exam. The answers to these questions are in Appendix A, “Answers
to sample questions” on page 521.
1. The log_event utility provided with the Problem Management subsystem
writes event information:
a. To the SDR
b. To the AIX error log
c. To the /var/adm/SPlogs/pman/log directory
d. To a wraparound file using the AIX alog command
2. The problem management subsystem (PMAN) requires Kerberos principals
to be listed in its access control list file in order to function. Which file needs to
be updated for getting access to PMAN functionality?
a. /etc/sysctl.acl
b. /etc/syscal.cmds.acl
c. /etc/pman.acl
d. /etc/sysctl.pman.acl
3. Which command would you use if you want to see a resource variable
a. SDRGetObjects EM_Resource_Variable
b. lssrc -ls haem.sp3en0 -a <variable name | *>
c. haemqvar "<variable class | *>" "<variable name | *>" "<instance |
d. lsresvar -l <resource variable name>
4. Although the base system (bos.rte) includes minimal services for tracing,
which of the following optional filesets do you need to install if you want to
activate the trace daemon and generate trace reports?
a. bos.trace.sysmgt
b. bos.rte.sysmgt
c. bos.sysmgt.rte
d. bos.sysmgt.trace
5. Where is the location of all the PSSP log files?
a. /var/adm/logs
b. /var/adm/SPlogs

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