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ACL Access Control Lists
AFS Andrew File System
AIX Advanced Interactive
AMG Adapter Membership Group
ANS Abstract Notation Syntax
API Application Programming
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
BIS Boot/Install Server
BOS Basic Overseer Server
BPC Bulk Power Controller
BSD Berkeley Software
BUMP Bring-Up Microprocessor
CDS Cell Directory Service
CEC Central Electronic Complex
CLIOS/S Client Input Output Socket
CP Crown Prince
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense, Multiple
Access/Collision Detect
CSS Communication Subsystem
CVSD Concurrent Virtual Shared
CWS Control Workstation
DB Database
DCE Distributed Computing
DFS Distributed File System
DMA Direct Memory Access
DNS Domain Name Service
EM Event Management
Abbreviations and acronyms
EMAPI Event Management
Application Programming
EMCDB Event Management
Configuration Database
EMD Event Manager Daemon
EPROM Erasable Programmable
Read-Only Memory
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
FCS Fiber Channel Standard
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data
FIFO First-In First-Out
FLDB Fileset Location Database
FS File System
GB Gigabytes
GL Group Leader
GPFS General Parallel File System
GS Group Services
GSAPI Group Services Application
Programming Interface
GUI Graphical User Interface
GVG Global Volume Group
HACMP High Availability Cluster
HACMP/ES High Availability Cluster
Multiprocessing Enhanced
HACWS High Availability Control
HB Heart Beat
HRD Host Respond Daemon
HSD Hashed Shared Disk
HSSI High Speed Serial Interface
550 IBM Eserver Certification Study Guide: Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP
IBM International Business
Machines Corporation
IP Internet Protocol
ISB Intermediate Switch Boad
ISC Intermediate Switch Chip
ITSO International Technical
Support Organization
JFS Journaled File System
LAN Local Area Network
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LED Light Emitter Diode
LFS Local File System
LP Logical Partition
LRU Last Recently Used
LSC Link Switch Chip
LV Logical Volume
LVM Logical Volume Manager
MAC Media Access Control
MACN Monitor and Control Node
MB Megabytes
MCA Micro Channel® Architecture
MI Manufacturing Interface
MIB Management Information
MIMD Multiple Instruction Stream,
Multiple Data Stream
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPL Message Passing Library
MPP Massive Parallel Processing
NFS Network File System
NIM Network Installation
NIS Network Information System
NSB Node Switch Board
NSC Node Switch Chip
NVRAM Non-volatile Memory
ODM Object Data Management
OID Object ID
OLTP Online Transaction
OSF Open Software Foundation
PAIDE Performance Aide for AIX
PDB Power Distribution Bus
PE Parallel Environment
PID Process ID
PIOFS Parallel I/O File System
PMAN Problem Management
PP Physical Partition
PSSP Parallel System Support
PTC Prepare to Commit
PTX Performance Toolbox for AIX
PV Physical Volume
RAM Random Access Memory
RCP Remote Copy Protocol
RM Resource Monitor
RMAPI Resource Monitor Application
Programming Interface
RPC Remote Procedure Calls
RPQ Request for Product
RSCT Reliable Scalable Cluster
RVSD Recoverable Virtual Shared
SAMI Service and Manufacturing
SBS Structured Byte Strings
SCSI Small Computer Systems
SDR System Data Repository
SMP Symmetric Multiprocessor
SNMP System Performance
Measurement Interface
SPOT Shared Product Object Tree
Abbreviations and acronyms 551
SPUM SP User Management
SRC System Resource Controller
SSA Serial Storage Architecture
SUP Software Update Protocol
TGT Ticket-Granting Ticket
TLC Tape Library Connection
TP Twisted Pair
TS Topology Services
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
VLDB Volume Location Database
VSD Virtual Shared Disk
VSS Versatile Storage Server™
552 IBM Eserver Certification Study Guide: Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP

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