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Related publications
The publications listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a
more detailed discussion of the topics covered in this redbook.
IBM Redbooks
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in softcopy only.
IBM pSeries 670 and pSeries 690 System Handbook, SG24-7040
IBM (e)server Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP 3.5: What’s New, SG24-6617
Configuring p690 in an IBM (e)server Cluster 1600, REDP0187
Other publications
These publications are also relevant as further information sources:
RS/6000 and IBM Eserver pSeries PCI Adapter Placement Reference,
Hardware Management Console for pSeries Installation and Operations
Guide, SA38-0590
Hardware Management Console for pSeries Maintenance Guide, SA38-0603
AIX 5L Version 5.2 Commands Reference, Volume 4, N-R, SC23-4118
AIX V4.3 Messages Guide and Reference, SC23-4129
AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Communications and Networks,
AIX 5L V 5.2 Installation Guide and Reference, SC23-4389
AIX 5L V5.2 Performance Tools Guide and Reference, SC23-4859
AIX 5L V 5.2 Security Guide, SC23-4860-01
Inside the RS/6000 SP, SG24-5145
IBM 9077 SP Switch Router: Get Connected to the SP Switch, SG24-5157
RS/6000 SP Software Maintenance, SG24-5160
554 IBM Eserver Certification Study Guide: Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP
PSSP 3.1 Announcement, SG24-5332
RS/6000 SP: PSSP 3 Survival Guide, SG24-5344
RS/6000 SP Cluster: The Path to Universal Clustering, SG24-5374
Exploiting RS/6000 SP Security: Keeping It Safe, SG24-5521
RS/6000 SP Systems Handbook, SG24-5596
AIX 4.3 Elements of Security Effective and Efficient Implementation,
Aditional AIX Security Tools on IBM pSeries, RS/6000, and SP/Cluster,
Managing IBM (e)server Cluster 1600 - Power Recipes for PSSP 3.4,
IBM Cluster 1600 and PSSP 3.4 Cluster Enhancements, SG24-6604
A Practical Guide for Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC), SG24-6615
IBM (e)server Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP 3.5: What’s New, SG24-6617
Performance and Tuning Considerations for the p690 in a Cluster 1600,
Configuring Highly Available Clusters Using HACMP 4.5, SG24-6845
An Introduction to CSM 1.3 for AIX 5L, SG24-6859
An Introduction to Security in a CSM 1.3 for AIX 5L Environment, SG24-6873
CSM for the PSSP System Administrator, SG24-6953
IBM pSeries 670 and pSeries 690 System Handbook, SG24-7040
RS/6000 SP: Planning, Volume 1, Hardware and Physical Environment,
RS/6000 SP Planning, Volume 2: Control Workstation and Software
Environment, GA22-7281
332 MHz Thin and Wide Node Service, GA22-7330
PSSP Installation and Migration Guide, GA22-7347
PSSP Administration Guide, SA22-7348
PSSP Managing Shared Disks, SA22-7349
PSSP Diagnosis Guide, GA22-7350
PSSP Command and Technical Reference (2 Volumes), SA22-7351
PSSP Messages Reference, GA22-7352
CSM for Linux: Software Planning and Installation Guide, SA22-7853
Related publications 555
CSM for Linux: Hardware Control Guide, SA22-7856
IBM (e)server Cluster 1600: Planning, Installation, and Service, GA22-7863
CSM for Linux: Administration Guide, SA22-7873
PSSP Implementing a Firewalled RS/6000 SP System, GA22-7874
RSCT for AIX 5L: Group Services Programming Guide and Reference,
RSCT for AIX 5L: Guide and Reference, SA22-7889
RSCT for AIX 5L: Technical Reference, SA22-7890
RSCT for AIX 5L: Messages, GA22-7891
RSCT for Linux: Guide and Reference, SA22-7892
RSCT for Linux: Technical Reference, SA22-7893
RSCT for Linux: Messages, GA22-7894
CSM for AIX 5L: Administration Guide, SA22-7918
CSM for AIX 5L: Software Planning and Installation Guide, SA22-7919
CSM for AIX 5L: Hardware Control Guide, SA22-7920
CSM for AIX 5L: Command and Technical Reference, SA22-7934
HACMP ES V4.5: Concepts and Facilities Guide, SC23-4276
HACMP ES V4.5: Enhanced Scalability Installation and Administration Guide,
HAGEO V2.4: Planning and Administration Guide, SC23-1886
HAGEO V2.4: Concepts and Facilities, SC23-1922
GEORM V2.4: Planning and Administration Guide, SC23-4308
GEORM V2.4: Concepts and Facilities, SC23-4307
GPFS V2.1: Concepts, Planning, and Installation, GA22-7899
GPFS V2.1: Administration and Programming Reference, SA22-7900
LoadLeveler V3.1: Using and Administering, SA22-7881
IBM PE for AIX 5L V3.2: Installation, GA22-7418
IBM PE for AIX 5L V3.2: Hitchhiker’s Guide, SA22-7424
IBM ESSL for AIX 5L V4.1: ESSL Products General Information, GA22-7903
IBM ESSL for AIX 5L V4.1: ESSL Guide and Reference, SA22-7904
IBM DCE for AIX: Introduction to DCE and IBM DCE for AIX: DFS
Administration Guide and Reference can be found at:

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