Chapter 3. Cluster 1600 networking 119
SP redbooks
IBM (e)server Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP 3.5: What’s New, SG24-6617
IBM Cluster 1600 and PSSP 3.4 Cluster Enhancements, SG24-6604
Managing IBM (e)server Cluster 1600 - Power Recipes for PSSP 3.4,
3.8 Sample questions
This section provides questions to help you prepare for the certification exam.
The answers can be found in Appendix A, “Answers to sample questions” on
page 521.
1. The Cluster 1600 managed by PSSP requires an Ethernet connection
between the CWS and all nodes. Which of the following tasks do
not use the
SP Ethernet admin LAN?
a. Network installation
b. System management
c. Event monitoring
d. Hardware control
2. Setting up host name resolution is essential to all the PSSP components. The
name associated with the en0 interface is known as:
a. Initial host name
b. Reliable host name
c. host name
d. Primary name
3. What is the default order for resolving host names if /etc/resolv.conf is
a. A. /etc/hosts
b. B. DNS
NIS /etc/hosts
c. C. NIS
DNS /etc/hosts
d. D. NIS
/etc/hosts DNS
4. In a possible scenario with a segmented 100BASE-TX network, the CWS is
equipped with additional Ethernet adapters. Nodes in each separate segment
will need:
a. A boot/install server for that segment
120 IBM Eserver Certification Study Guide: Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP
b. A route to the control workstation
c. A default route set to one of the nodes or a router on that segment
d. All of the above
5. Consider an Ethernet network where none of the six subnets making up the
SP Ethernet admin LAN have more than 16 nodes on them. How many
discrete addresses per subnet does a netmask of provide?
a. 16
b. 32
c. 30
d. 8
6. Which network adapter must be manually configured?
a. Ethernet
c. ATM
d. Token Ring
7. The default order for resolving host names can be overwritten by creating a
configuration file and specifying the desired order. Which of the following is
the correct location and name of the configuration file?
a. /etc/netservice.conf
b. /netservice.conf
c. /etc/netsvc.conf
d. netsvc.conf
8. Which of the following daemons is
not used by NIS?
a. ypserv
b. ypbind
c. ypupdated
d. yppassword
9. Which of the following statements is a characteristic of an NIS slave server?
a. Backs up other slave servers.
b. Balances the load if the primary slave server is busy.
c. Enables NIS requests if there are different networks in the NIS domain.
d. Disables NIS request if there are different networks in the NIS domain.

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