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Chapter 7. User and data management
This chapter covers user management that consists of adding, changing, and
deleting users on the Cluster 1600 managed by PSSP, as well as how to control
user login access using the SP user component.
Data and user management using the file collections facility is also covered. File
collection provides the ability to have a single point of update and control of file
images that will then be replicated across nodes.
AIX Automounters is briefly discussed. These allow users local access to any
files and directories no matter which node they are logged in to.
NIS and AFS is widely used in cluster configurations. While no dependencies or
adverse interactions between PSSP and NIS+ or AFS have been identified, the
use of NIS+ and/or AFS on the Cluster 1600 managed by PSSP system has not
been tested. Therefore, we only briefly cover these two topics.

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