IBM eServer xSeries 450 Planning and Installation Guide

Book description

The IBM eServer xSeries 450 is IBM’s new 64-bit Itanium Processor Family (IPF) Architecture server and is the first implementation of the 64-bit IBM XA-64 chipset, as part of the Enterprise X-Architecture strategy. This IBM Redbooks publication is a comprehensive resource on the technical aspects of the server, and is divided into five key subject areas:

Chapter 1, Technical description introduces the server and its subsystems and describes the key features and how they work. This includes the new Extensible Firmware Interface, which provides a powerful replacement to the BIOS facility found on the IA-32 platform.

Chapter 2, Positioning examines the types of applications that would be used on a server such as the x450.

Chapter 3, Planning describes the considerations when planning to purchase and planning to install the x450. It covers such topics as configuration, operating system specifics, scalability, and physical site planning.

Chapter 4, Installation covers the process of installing Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server on the x450.

Chapter 5, Management describes how to use the Remote Supervisor Adapter to send alerts to an IBM Director management environment.

Table of contents

  1. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  2. Preface
    1. The team that wrote this redbook
    2. Become a published author
    3. Comments welcome
  3. Chapter 1: Technical description
    1. The x450 product line
    2. IBM XA-64 chipset
    3. Extensible Firmware Interface
      1. GUID Partition Table disk
      2. EFI System Partition
      3. EFI and legacy-free concept
    4. Intel Itanium 2 processor
    5. System assembly
      1. Memory-board assembly
      2. Processor-board assembly
    6. IBM XceL4 Server Accelerator Cache
    7. System memory
    8. PCI subsystem
    9. Redundancy
    10. Light path diagnostics
    11. Remote Supervisor Adapter
    12. Operating system support
  4. Chapter 2: Positioning
    1. x450 application solutions
      1. Database applications
      2. Business logic
      3. e-business and security transactions
      4. In-house developed compute-intensive applications
      5. Science and technology industries
    2. Why choose x450?
  5. Chapter 3: Planning
    1. System hardware
      1. Processors
      2. Memory
      3. PCI slot configuration
      4. Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet controller
    2. Cabling and connectivity
      1. Remote Supervisor Adapter connectivity
      2. Remote Expansion Enclosure
      3. Serial connections
    3. Storage considerations
      1. xSeries storage solutions
      2. Tape backup
    4. Rack installation
    5. Power considerations
    6. Solution Assurance Review
  6. Chapter 4: Installation
    1. Using the Extensible Firmware Interface
      1. The EFI shell (1/2)
      2. The EFI shell (2/2)
      3. Flash update
      4. Configuration and Setup utility
      5. Diagnostic utility
      6. Boot maintenance menu
    2. Installing Windows Server 2003
      1. Overall process
      2. Microsoft Reserved Partition
      3. Windows installation
      4. Pre-installation phase
      5. Starting the installation
      6. Text-mode setup
      7. GUI setup
      8. Post-setup phase
    3. Installing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
      1. Background
      2. Linux IA-64 kernel overview
      3. Choosing a Linux distribution
      4. Installing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
      5. Linux boot process
      6. Information about the installed system
      7. Using the serial port for the Linux console
      8. RXE-100 Expansion Enclosure
      9. Upgrading drivers
  7. Chapter 5: Management
    1. The Remote Supervisor Adapter
      1. The Remote Supervisor Adapter
      2. Connecting via a Web browser
      3. Configuring a static IP address
      4. Connecting via the ASM interconnect
      5. Installing the device driver
      6. Configuring the remote control password
    2. Management using the Remote Supervisor Adapter
      1. Configuring which alerts to monitor
      2. Configuring SNMP
      3. Sending alerts directly to IBM Director
      4. Creating a test event action plan in IBM Director
  8. Related publications
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  9. Index (1/2)
  10. Index (2/2)
  11. Back cover

Product information

  • Title: IBM eServer xSeries 450 Planning and Installation Guide
  • Author(s): David Watts, Gerry McGettigan, Michael L. Nelson, Lubos Nikolini, Jose Rodriguez Ruibal
  • Release date: June 2003
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: None