236 IBM Eserver xSeries and BladeCenter Server Management
With a new port number, you would then access the Web interface with the
following URL (for example, if the port you select is 4711):
7.1.3 Command-line interfaces
All command-line interfaces (CLIs) are not secure by default. The exception to
this is Secure Shell (SSH).
Telnet and Secure Shell (SSH)
Disable the telnet service of RSA II and activate SSH instead. For activating and
using SSH refer to 5.1.2, “Secure Shell (SSH)” on page 135.
When using a server with RSA II installed, check first if it supports SSH
connection, then disable the telnet service. Some older servers do not support
SSH. If your server does not support SSH use the Web interface instead.
When you are using a BladeCenter management module, you cannot disable the
telnet protocol. Activate the SSH protocol, change the port of telnet, but use SSH
instead of telnet. For instructions on how to change the port of a protocol like
telnet refer to 7.1.2, “Web interface” on page 235.
At the time of publication, the current version of the MPCLI does not offer a way
to encrypt communications.
The advanced settings utility (ASU) works only locally at the server. No network
connection is used for the communication between ASU and the server. There is
no need to secure this communication, assuming that the server itself is secured.
7.2 Backing up and restoring the configuration
Once you have finished configuring the RSA II or BladeCenter management
module, we recommend that you back up the configuration in case you have a
need to restore it.
Tip: To check if SSH is available for your combination of server and RSA II,
launch the Web interface, click ASM Control Security, and check if there
is a Secure Shell (SSH) Server section.

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