Chapter 4. BladeCenter management module 95
Figure 4-4 Network interfaces
The restart of the management module takes a minute. This is the right time to
connect the management module to your Ethernet network if you used a
cross-over Ethernet cable connected to a standalone PC.
4.2.3 Update firmware
The next step is to update the firmware of the management module to the most
recent version. You can download it from one of the following URLs:
򐂰 BladeCenter:
򐂰 BladeCenter T:
After extracting the file take a few minutes to read the readme.txt. The following
files should be in your directory.
Tip: To check the network connection of the management module, use the
ping command from another system connected to the network.
96 IBM Eserver xSeries and BladeCenter Server Management
Figure 4-5 Files of firmware update package
Do the following steps to update the firmware and restart the management
module using the Web interface:
1. In the navigation frame, click Tasks Firmware Update.
Figure 4-6 Firmware Update of BladeCenter Management Module
2. Click Browse to select the first of three files for firmware update.
3. To update click Update. The file is now transferred to the management
4. When file transfer is finished click Continue to begin the flash process.
5. Repeat these steps for the remaining two files.
6. Restart the adapter by clicking ASM Control ASM Restart when finished.
Now you can use or configure other options of the management module. Some
of these are discussed in the remainder of this chapter.
Note: To update the firmware of the BladeCenter management module you
can also use the management processor command line interface (MPCLI).
See 7.8.1, “Using MPCLI to upgrade firmware” on page 257, for details.

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