Chapter 4. BladeCenter management module 119
Figure 4-26 Remote file (ISO image) with Red Hat
To unmount, launch the remote media Web interface, and complete the steps
beginning with step 6 on page 107.
4.5 Basic configuration of blade-specific features
In the following paragraphs we briefly describe the most common blade
server-specific features. For a detailed description of the configuration refer to
the following product publications, available from
򐂰 BladeCenter Management Module Installation Guide
򐂰 BladeCenter Management Module User’s Guide
4.5.1 Device drivers
The blade servers with BMC service processors (such as the HS20 8843) require
IPMI drivers:
򐂰 IPMI device driver
򐂰 IPMI mapping layer (library) files
򐂰 IPMI ASR service

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