220 IBM Eserver xSeries and BladeCenter Server Management
2. The left side is the navigation frame with hierarchal menus.
3. The remainder of the window is the information related to the active menu.
Figure 6-23 Web interface structure
6.6 Telnet interface
In addition to the Web interface described in 6.5, “Web interface” on page 219,
some of the xSeries service processors also have a built-in interface that is
accessible through the following connections, depending on the service
򐂰 Telnet via Ethernet
򐂰 SSH via Ethernet
򐂰 ANSI terminal via serial
Note: Even though the interface works via telnet, ssh, and via an ANSI
terminal session, we collectively refer to them as telnet for the sake of
Chapter 6. System management utilities 221
The service processors that support these interfaces are:
򐂰 BladeCenter management module
򐂰 Remote Supervisor Adapter II
򐂰 Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine
򐂰 Remote Supervisor Adapter II-EXA
򐂰 Remote Supervisor Adapter
򐂰 ASM PCI Adapter (telnet and ANSI only)
򐂰 ASM Processor (telnet only via the ASM interconnect network)
The xSeries BMC service processor supports telnet but only via SMBridge, as
discussed in 6.4, “OSA SMBridge utility” on page 192. The eServer BMC does
not support a telnet session.
This interface provides a subset of the management functions that are provided
by the Web interface. Like the other interfaces, you will need to authenticate
before you can issue any commands.
For the RSA II, RSA II SlimLine, and BladeCenter management module service
processors, the Telnet interface is command-line based. Each command has the
following format:
command [arguments] [-options]
򐂰 The command syntax is case sensitive.
򐂰 The command name is always lowercase.
򐂰 Options always start with a hyphen.
򐂰 One command per line.
Issuing the command help displays all available commands. Example 6-5 lists
the commands available with the RSA II.
Example 6-5 RSA II commands (from the help command)
? -- Display command list
clearcfg -- Resets the ASM to its default settings
clearlog -- Clear ASM event log
clock -- Display/set date, time, GMT offset, and dst setting
console -- Exit CLI, attach to serial console
dhcpinfo -- View DHCP server assigned settings
exit -- Exit CLI (log off)
fans -- Displays the fan speed for all system fans
help -- Display command list
history -- Display history of last 8 commands
ifconfig -- Ethernet and PPP configuration
portcfg -- Serial port configuration.
222 IBM Eserver xSeries and BladeCenter Server Management
power -- Control server power
readlog -- Displays the ASM event log, five entries at a time
reset -- Reset server
resetsp -- Reset ASM
slp -- View/edit SLP parameters
srcfg -- Serial redirection configuration
syshealth -- System Health
tcpcmdmode -- View/edit TCP command mode config.
temps -- Display system temperatures
timeouts -- Server timeouts configuration
users -- User profile configuration
update -- Update firmware
volts -- Displays all the voltages and voltage thresholds
vpd -- Display VPD
Example 6-6 lists the commands available using a BladeCenter management
Example 6-6 BladeCenter management module commands (from the help command)
?- Display commands
alertentries- View/edit remote alert recipients
boot- Boot target
clear- Clear the config
clearlog- Clear the event log
console- Start SOL session to a blade
dhcpinfo- View DHCP server assigned settings
displaylog- Display log entries
dns- View/edit DNS config
env- Set persistent command target
exit- Log off
fuelg- Power management
health- View system health status
help- Display command list
history- Display command history
identify- Control target location LED
ifconfig- View/edit network interface config
info- Display identity and config of target
list- Display installed targets
power- Control target power
reset- Reset target
shutdown- Shutdown target
slp- View/edit SLP parameters
smtp- View/edit SMTP config
snmp- View/edit SNMP config

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