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Chapter 7. Software support
This chapter describes the software support for the z900, including z/OS, OS/390, z/VM,
Linux, VM/ESA, VSE/ESA, and TPF. Addressing, software migration considerations, and
workload license charges are also covered.
The software support information is organized as follows:
򐂰 z/OS and OS/390 on page 228
򐂰 z/VM and VM/ESA on page 230
򐂰 Linux on page 232
򐂰 VSE/ESA on page 232
򐂰 TPF on page 233
Additional topics are presented in the following order:
򐂰 64-bit addressing OS considerations on page 233
򐂰 Migration considerations on page 235
򐂰 Workload License Charges on page 239

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