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򐂰 Current information on FCP channel support for Linux for zSeries or Linux for S/390,
and/or appropriate support for z/VM:
򐂰 A list of storage controllers and devices that have been verified to work in a Fibre Channel
network attached to a zSeries FCP channel, and specific software requirements to
support FCP and SCSI controllers or devices:
zSeries Capacity Backup Users Guide
, SC28-6810, available on the IBM Resource Link:
򐂰 z/OS Internet Library:
򐂰 IBM zSeries Resource Library:
How to get IBM Redbooks
You can order hardcopy Redbooks, as well as view, download, or search for Redbooks at the
following Web site:
You can also download additional materials (code samples or diskette/CD-ROM images) from
that site.
IBM Redbooks collections
Redbooks are also available on CD-ROMs. Click the CD-ROMs button on the Redbooks Web
site for information about all the CD-ROMs offered, as well as updates and formats.
316 IBM eServer zSeries 900 Technical Guide

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