438 IBM eX5 Implementation Guide
Troubleshooting information for HX5 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
We recommend that you review all Retain tips relating to the HX5 and the operating system
that you are installing.
Go to the following website for troubleshooting information pertaining to HX5:
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server software, firmware, drivers, and fixes for
Go to the following websites for all the latest information relating to software, firmware,
drivers, and fixes for HX5 when used with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:
򐂰 For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11:
򐂰 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10:
8.7.7 Downloads and fixes for HX5 and MAX5
Typically, during the support lifetime of a product, IBM releases updates to provide you with
enhanced capabilities, extended functions, and problem resolutions. Most of the updates are
in the form of firmware, drivers, and operating system patches.
We recommend that you perform a scheduled review of the available updates to determine if
they apply to the systems that are used in your environment.
Server firmware
Software that resides on flash memory and controls the lower-level function of server
hardware is called the server
firmware. An IBM System, such as the HX5, runs a number of
firmware images that control various components of the blade.
The following list shows the primary firmware for the HX5:
򐂰 Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
򐂰 Integrated Management Module (IMM)
򐂰 Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
򐂰 Preboot Dynamic System Analysis (DSA)
Additional devices, such as network cards and RAID controllers, also contain their own
firmware revisions. IBM provides firmware updates, including proven firmware from other
manufacturers to be applied on IBM systems, that can be downloaded from the IBM website.
We describe several methods of performing firmware updates on IBM eX5 servers in
Chapter 9, “Management” on page 447.
Important tip: Update all System x firmware to the latest levels prior to installing the
operating system or application installation.
Chapter 8. IBM BladeCenter HX5 439
Device drivers
Device drivers are software that controls the hardware server components on the operating
system level. They are specific to the operating system version, and therefore, critical device
drivers are included with the installation media.
IBM, operating system vendors, and component device vendors provide device driver
updates. Often, you can download them from each company’s support website. Whenever
possible, we recommend acquiring tested and approved driver updates from IBM.
Operating system updates, fixes, and patches
The performance and reliability of an HX5 tightly relate to the operating system running on the
HX5. IBM supports an assortment of modern and widely used operating systems that are
capable of utilizing the system’s potential. Each vendor supports its operating system by
releasing updates, fixes, and patches that provide enhanced functionality and fixes to known
problems. Many of these updates, fixes, and patches only apply to certain configurations,
while other updates, fixes, and patches apply to all configurations. The operating system
vendor’s support website has extensive information about these updates, fixes, and patches.
System update resources
Table 8-7 provides useful links to IBM tools and vendor operating system support websites.
Table 8-7 Internet links to support and downloads
Tip: IBM Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) is a tool that simplifies the IBM System x
firmware update process without an operating system running on the system. More
information about this tool is available at the following website:
Tip: The Windows Server installation process using IBM ServerGuide will perform IBM
driver updates after the operating system installation has completed. You can obtain this
tool from the following website:
Tip: IBM UpdateXpress is a tool that allows the IBM System x firmware and drivers to be
updated through the operating system. More information about this tool is available at the
following website:
Vendor Product Address Available support
IBM Systems Support http://ibm.com/systems/support/ Documentation, firmware, driver
IBM ServerGuide http://ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisp
Installation tool
IBM UpdateXpress http://ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisp
Firmware and driver update tool
IBM Bootable Media
Firmware update tool
Microsoft Windows Server http://support.microsoft.com/ph/14134 Documentation, driver, and OS

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