Chapter 4. IBM System x3690 X5 155
IBM 6Gb SSD Host Bus Adapter
The IBM 6Gb SSD Host Bus Adapter is an ideal host bus adapter (HBA) to connect to
high-performance SSDs. With two x4 SFF-8087 connectors and a high performance
PowerPC I/O processor, this HBA can support the bandwidth that SSDs can generate.
The IBM 6Gb SSD Host Bus Adapter has the following high-level specifications:
򐂰 PCI Express 2.0 host interface
򐂰 6 Gbps per port data transfer rate
򐂰 MD2 small form factor
򐂰 PCI Express 2.0 x8 host interface
򐂰 High performance I/O Processor: PowerPC 440 at 533MHz
򐂰 UEFI support
For more information, see IBM 6Gb SSD Host Bus Adapter for IBM System x, TIPS0744,
available at the following website:
ServeRAID B5015 SSD Controller
The ServeRAID B5015 is a high-performance RAID controller that is optimized for SSDs. It
has the following specifications:
򐂰 RAID 1 and 5 support
򐂰 Hot-spare support with automatic rebuild capability
򐂰 Background data scrubbing
򐂰 Stripe size of up to 1 MB
򐂰 6 Gbps per SAS port
򐂰 PCI Express 2.0 x8 host interface
򐂰 PCI MD2 low profile form factor
򐂰 Two x4 internal (SFF-8087) connectors
򐂰 SAS controller: PMC-Sierra PM8013 maxSAS 6 Gbps SAS RoC controller
򐂰 Up to eight disk drives per RAID adapter
򐂰 Performance that is optimized for SSDs
򐂰 Three multi-threading MIPS processing cores
򐂰 High performance contention-free architecture
򐂰 Up to four ServeRAID B5015 adapters supported in a system
򐂰 Support for up to four arrays/logical volumes
For more information, see ServeRAID B5015 SSD Controller, TIPS0763, which is available at
the following website:
4.9.4 Battery backup placement
When you install RAID adapters that include batteries, the RAID batteries must be remotely
located to prevent the batteries from overheating. The batteries must be installed in the RAID
Important: Two variants of the 6 Gb Host Bus Adapter exist. The SSD variant has no
external port and is part number 46M0914. Do not confuse it with the IBM 6 Gb SAS HBA,
part number 46M0907, which is not supported for use with eXFlash.
Important: This controller does not use Megaraid. This controller is listed in power-on self
test (POST) and UEFI as a PMC-SIERRA card. This controller also uses maxRAID
Storage Manager for management.
156 IBM eX5 Implementation Guide
battery trays on top of the memory tray or the DIMM air baffle (whichever one is installed in
the server).
The battery trays are standard with the server. Each battery tray holds up to two batteries, to
support a maximum of four RAID adapters with attached batteries in the x3690 X5.
Table 4-27 lists the kit to order a remote battery cable.
Table 4-27 Remote battery cable ordering
The Remote Battery Cable kit, part number 44E8837, contains the following components:
򐂰 Remote battery cable
򐂰 Plastic interposer
򐂰 Plastic stand-off
򐂰 Two screws
The screws and stand-off attach the interposer to the RAID controller after the battery is
removed. Figure 4-25 shows these components.
Figure 4-25 Remote battery cable kit
The cable is routed through to the battery that is now installed in the RAID battery tray. This
tray is either attached to the memory mezzanine if a memory mezzanine is installed, or the air
baffle, which is in place of the mezzanine. Figure 4-26 shows how the battery trays are
installed in the memory mezzanine. Each battery tray can hold two batteries.
Figure 4-26 RAID battery trays on the memory mezzanine
Option Feature code Description
44E8837 5862 Remote Battery Cable Kit

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