Chapter 1. Introduction to Express Runtime V2.1 7
򐂰 IBM DB2 Universal Database Express Edition for Windows and Linux 8.2
򐂰 IBM Web server plug-in
1.5.2 Applicable applications
As well as middleware software, solutions may also include one or more applications.
If you develop a Web application, Express Runtime V2.1 includes a development
environment to streamline creation of the J2EE applications (based on Java servlets and
JavaServer Pages) and integrating them with the middleware components.
After development completes, you will package middleware components and any applicable
applications into a solution.
Express Runtime V2.1 uses the following tools for solution development and deployment:
򐂰 Express Runtime Developer: An Eclipse-based plug-in for solution development,
including instillation and configuration through custom editors. Express Runtime helps you
offer a complete solution, including integrated installation and configuration.
򐂰 IBM Rational® Web Developer: An Eclipse-based full featured Integrated Development
Environment (IDE). It is designed for building, testing, and deploying Java and Java 2
Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications. It provides integrated development
support for building J2EE applications with HTML pages, servlets, and JavaServer Pages
򐂰 Deployment Wizard: The deployment wizard installs a solution on one or more target
systems. The deployment wizard offers an interface that helps you deploy a solution
򐂰 Console for Express Runtime: This is a standalone Web-based console which provides
the administrative interface to all middleware components that are parts of IBM Express
Runtime V2.1. This support is available across multiple machines and/or platforms.
1.6 Express Runtime Usage Scenarios
IBM Express Runtime V2.1 is available through two programs:
򐂰 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
򐂰 Passport Advantage® (PPA)
1.6.1 Express Runtime for solution development (embed)
Express Runtime is available through the OEM program for Solution Providers who develop
and sell business solutions that contain integrated IBM middleware software provided with
Express Runtime. The OEM programs provide attractive discount or price incentives as
revenue volume increases with or without volume commitments.
An OEM agreement is implemented via a direct contract between IBM and the Solution
Provider. Under this contract, IBM provides the Solution Provider a master copy of the
Express Runtime software, which is copied and integrated within the Solution Provider's
software application into their solution(s). Solution sales are reported back to IBM and tracked
for attained incentives. IBM provides telephone defect support to the Solution Provider for the
Express Runtime licenses covered under Maintenance.

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