Chapter 3. Express Runtime architecture 29
3.3 Summary
The IBM Express Runtime provides the fundamental middleware infrastructure necessary to
deliver your mid-market applications. It contains a fully functional execution environment
powered by IBM’s market-leading middleware products.
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Application Server Express 6.0 provides a robust application server
򐂰 IBM DB2 Universal Database Express 8.2 provides a relational database management
򐂰 IBM HTTP Server provides a secure Web environment.
The Express Runtime delivery channel programs govern the usage of the Express Runtime
components and how the components are packaged and delivered. There are certain
limitations on usage of these middleware components:
򐂰 Under an OEM agreement, an ISV integrates its application with Express Runtime
middleware components in a single, but complete solution package. As such, the
middleware components are restricted to be used
only to support the bundled application.
򐂰 Under a PPA license, a customer may use the Express Runtime components to support
multiple applications.
30 IBM Express Runtime V2.1

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