86 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
Source tab
Figure 5-23 shows the source tab. This gives developers access to the source code of the
solution.sxml file. However, in most cases, you change the parameters in this file by using
other tabs.
Figure 5-23 Source tab for solution.sxml
5.3 Support Framework API
Java programs are typically used for writing the user programs. Express Runtime Developer
provides the Support Framework to aid in developing user programs for the supported
The Support Framework package is located at:
<ER Install dir>\Runtime21\SolutionEnbler\Support_Framework
You can display the Javadoc by pointing your browser to:
<ER Install dir>\Runtime21\SolutionEnabler\Support_Framework\index.html
The best way to master the support API is by examining the sample applications provided in
the Express Runtime Developer workspace.

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