166 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
7.1 Creating the solution package for Trade6
The final step in making the solution ready for deployment is exporting the solution. This
requires that the application and solution projects must be built first. For the instructions on
how to generate the application and solution projects, refer to the section “Building the Trade6
solution” on page 143.
To start exporting Trade6, follow these steps:
1. Open Express Runtime Developer by selecting Start Programs IBM Express
Runtime 2.1 Express Runtime Developer.
2. From Package Explorer, right-click the solution project TradeWinSolution and select
Export (see Figure 7-1).
Figure 7-1 Export solution option
Chapter 7. Packaging a solution 167
3. On the Export window, select Express Runtime Solution and click Next (Figure 7-2).
Figure 7-2 Selecting Express Runtime Solution
4. Select and/or enter the following values and click Finish (see Figure 7-3):
Project to export: TradeWinSolution
To directory: C:\Program Files\IBM\Runtime21\SolutionEnabler
Figure 7-3 Selecting project to export
168 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
5. You are prompted to replace the existing solution .ser file and associated JAR files used
with this solution. Click Yes to All to replace existing exported solution packages.
Now that we have completed building (6.2.6, “Building the Trade6 solution” on page 143) and
exporting Trade6 successfully, the following files comprise our package of the Trade6 solution:
򐂰 TradeWinSolution.ser. This file located in <ER install dir>\SolutionEnabler.
򐂰 The following software images:
tradewin.xx.userPrograms.jar. This contains our applications user programs. This file
includes the class files for the Trade6 user programs and the content of the
Trade_ScriptDir folder.
These are located in the following directory:
<ER workspace dir>\SolutionEnabler\userPrograms
򐂰 tradewin.xx.jar is located in the directory <ER install
dir>\IRU_common_resources\mediaJars. This file contains the trade.ear file.
We can now deploy Trade6 on the same workstation with these files.
In deploying Trade6 using a staging server, our package needs only the following files:
򐂰 TradeWinSolution.ser
򐂰 tradewin.xx.userPrograms.jar
򐂰 tradewin.xx.jar
For more information on deployment, refer to Chapter 8, “Deploying a solution” on page 177.
Note: The middleware JAR files are already present in the staging server. Hence, there is
no need to include them in the Trade6 package.

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